Best water filters for home use

People need to show more view of daily needs like water, food and other aspects. Now there are many external disturbances which make human to face some diseases and health-related issues. So it’s advisable to track and use better technology or systems to avoid the issues. You can get plenty of water purifies and filter systems for home use to get quality water. Here we have made a list of best water filters for home usages.

Faucet filters

It is one of the widely used filters in every kitchen. Using this, you can filter the water to remove the additional contents in water. You can attach in the kitchen set up to make the things easier. People like to use this filter system to get the pure water as long as possible.

Pitcher filters

Pitchers filters are very common and most anted filter to purify the water. People always have the concern to use this filters in the home. This type of filters is available with high cost and maintaining charges also expensive when compared with another type of filters. You need to replace the filter cartridges frequently to get proper functionality.

Gravity-fed drip filters

It’s the best and most used water filters to remove the water contents like chlorine, fluoride, pesticides and other materials frequently. It doesn’t require electricity to work or operate which is one of the added advantages. So people choose more gravity type filters than the other for cost-effective as well as performance wise.

Reverse osmosis filters

It uses a membrane to remove the water contents. Using a best RO System, you can filter out the chlorine and few other contaminants. You can get the best and high-quality water after the completion of the filtration process. People also like to use RO filters for a long term possibility getting pure water and also considering few other factors.



What are pitcher filters?


Water is important for life sustenance. To keep the water free from contaminants it must be cleaned by proper water pitcher filter. Water filters help to get rid of unwanted contaminants like arsenic, chlorine, mud, heavy metals and several other dirt types. For a family of 6, a clean and healthy water filtration system is a necessity. And that’s when a water filter pitcher comes for a rescue. Water filtration process through pitcher is one of the best methods adopted by the humankind. It’s a green method which doesn’t consume any electricity during the filtration process.

The pitcher generally comes in the shape of tube housed placed inside a canister. Water seeps through the filter and gets deposited in the canister. Gradually the water accumulated in the canister is free from any unwanted impurities and becomes absolutely suitable for consumption.

Water pitcher seems a smart idea. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in buying filtration units. Just a small Fortune is enough to provide a high quality purified water to the entire family. It’s not senselessly when so many people are adopting water filter pitchers in their home. Water filter pitcher is helpful in the filtration of unwanted pollutant are microbes. But if you are wondering to encounter the worry some problems, forget about buying the pitcher filtration system. Water pitchers system is ok for the people who want slightly better tap water quality or Desire adding a little protection and their water consumption pattern. But if you are looking forward to a cent percent clean and healthy water, reverse osmosis is the best option so far. Pitcher system is a healthy choice when you go for an outdoor picnic party. People who don’t want to consume water outside can definitely use such a water purifier somewhat encounter the dirt off the tap water.

Types of Water Filters 2k17

Drinking clean and safe water is one of the most important for staying healthy and fit. There are four different types of water filters available in the market for home use.


Activated Carbon filters:

Activated carbon filters are one of the easiest and fastest ways to get purified drinking water. However, they can’t purify to the microscopic level. They mostly remove larger particles like sand, dust, slit, and similar contaminants. If you are looking for an easy solution, then Activated carbon filters are recommended.

Reverse Osmosis System:

Reverse osmosis system is one of the most preferred and used water filters around the world. This is due to two major reasons easy to maintain and destroys contaminants to the microscopic level. Even most of the industrial water purifying filters uses Reverse Osmosis as they are efficient and economic.

UV Filtration:

UV filters are the latest technological advancement in water purification techniques. In the process, water is passed through rays of UV light which treats the bacteria and kills. Later the water is passed through normal filtration where the contaminants are removed. At the end, you will receive purified water for your consumption.

Alkaline Ionizers:

This process uses a technique called electrolysis, during the process the water is separated into the alkaline water which is good for health and acidic water which goes into the drain. This alkaline water is also good for skin and also called soft water.

These are four major methods used around the world to produce contaminates free drinking water. There are many other methods like distillation, but they are very slow in the process and takes a lot of time to produce sufficient amount of water for a whole family.